Wallet made of deep black lambskin

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Wallet made of deep black lambskin

Here is a wallet made of very flexible and very durable lambskin.
Offers 6 slots for your cards. (Soon contain 2-3 cards per compartment)
A compartment with zipper.
And a compartment for your dollars
You may notice that the purses are all made full leather and not with the small end .. And also they are made of leather double.
2 choices of rivets color, with silver rivets, and rivets with charcoal.
Dimensions: 8.5 inches wide x 4 inches height.
The black color is very difficult to photograph, sorry for the reflection of light.

Brand : Cuir Arrogance
CA Part # : 50021
Shipping : 14.5 $
Categories : Woman Leather, wallet,
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Wallet made of deep black lambskin
Wallet made of deep black lambskin
Wallet made of deep black lambskin

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