Brown earth toned cow leather belt

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60.00 $ Brown earth toned cow leather belt

this Belt is made ​​of brown cowhide leather with a black matte  buckle

Wornout styled Belt ( medieval ) will look great with jeans .

Width of 1.5 inch ( 3.81cm ) is offered with or without a buckle.

size 33

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Brand : Cuir Arrogance
CA Part # : 20007
Price : 60.00 $
Shipping : 0 $
Categories : Men's Leather, Woman Leather, belt, belt,
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Company based in Ste-Elisabeth Québec, creating leather accessories made with imported and exotic leather.

Belt barber tools, exclusive model Leather Arrogance

hairdresser for exclusive leather belt model model available on the website or custom made. Belt barber tools, Leather exclusive Arrogance model.

New point of sale at, Les Bricoleuses in Berthierville

New point of sale Cuir Arrogance Leather, in Les Bricoleuses in Berthierville, Que. 480 Frontenac Street to the waterfront.

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